Supportive Infrastructure


The infrastucture of the school is constantly upgraded by very progressive Managemet, following the ideas of great educationalist,


School Building:

Providing an ideal learning environment “

Kanchrapara Harnett English Medium School complex, situated at kanchrapara (24PGS) North, is a landmark edifice. Its impressive structure, planning, design and location have complemented the knowledge drive. Students  enjoy the clean, spacious, airy and healthy educational environment which stimulates their spontaneous urge for learning and creativity. It is an ideal grooming ground for future citizens.


“The centre for learning”

  According to the great religious personality Dalai Lama, “When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts.”

Following this visionary idea, the school has come a long way in imparting holistic education to its students. Large, airy and well ventilated classrooms with supportive teaching aids provide a perfect abode for the students to learn lesson with utmost interest from the core of their hearts.


Store house of knowledge”

The school has a well furnished library, enriched with a variety of books, magazines, journals, carrier guides, and fiction & non-fiction books, reference books of latest edition. To quench the insatiable thirst for knowledge, students come here to spend some quality time in the world of books.

English language lab” and “Audio-visual room”

An English language lab and audio-visual room help the students to enhance their communicative skills, efficiency in speaking and all round development in English language.

Art & Craft Room:

For nurturing creativity”

                      The art & craft room facilitates the students with wonderful world of colours  & designs , best suited for their imagination. Fine arts are fostered and nurtured in this room and it effectively brings out the creative and innovative talents of the students.

Toy Room:

For enjoying playful activities in free mood”

The toy room is like a dreamland of tiny tots (toddlers) where they can express their heartfelt pleasure by playing with various toys. Moreover their child like imagination gets an outlet so that they can utilize their thoughts into action and create their own masterpieces.

Children’s Park:

To bring special flavor in child’s life”

In the children’s park, the little angels can open their petals of innocent hearts in the lap of Mother Nature. They spend a gala time amidst green world, slides, and swings etc which enable them to be free from the monotony of daily life.

Computer Lab:

For utilizing highest efficiency in education”

The well furnished computer lab offers the students to invite creativity in education by using latest technology through internet. They can enhance their intelligence and efficiency at the highest level by using computer, a wonderful and mastermind gift of modern science.

Physics Lab:

For stimulating exploratory zeal to know the advance concept of physics through experiments.”

Well furnished physics lab helps the students to dedicate themselves to know the theoretical and experimental aspects of fundamental problems in physics through high level scientific experiments with latest scientific apparatus.

Chemistry Lab:

“To grow interest about marvelous achievement of modern chemistry”

Well equipped chemistry lab provides the students the latest apparatus and amenities to do high end scientific experiments and also helps in exploring things which are unknown to mankind.

Bio Lab:

“To motivate the students to gain scientific knowledge in Biology”

Laboratory experiments help to grow inquisitive mind among the students and provide them with ample opportunities to question, observe and experiment with scientific phenomena to satisfy their quest for knowledge in Biology.

Geography Lab:

“To motivate the students to grow interest in geography”

Geography lab provides all necessary modern equipments and teaching aids to motivate the students to be inclined and more interested towards the subject.

Music Room:

To increase aesthetic sense”

Music room is aesthetically equipped with variety of musical instruments. The students are trained both vocal and instrumental music, carols, devotional song, patriotic song, Rabindra sangeet, folk song, classical and semi-classical song etc by highly trained music teachers. The students can cultivate their artistic efficiency which help them to embrace the idea of cultural unity.

Dance Room:

To embrace life in perfect rhythmic order”

Dance room provides ample opportunity to learn various forms of western and eastern dance form such as folk dance, classical and semi-classical dance, Rabindra nritya, western dance, fusion dance etc. Highly talented dance teachers are devoted to provide a suitable platform for the students to explore and nourish their hidden talents and aesthetic efficiency at the highest level.

Staff Room:

“Provide special amenities for the teachers”

Well furnished and fully air conditioned staff room provides suitable, educational, environment where the teachers are dedicated to engage themselves in fruitful activities and exchange their progressive thoughts and views to run the school in perfect rhythmic order.  It is a suitable place where close bonding, mutual understanding, and co-operation grow among all and this hearty bonding and healthy relationship revitalize and recharge the positive energy and life force of all.

Math Lab:

“Guiding to learn mathematics as per the strategies to remove mathfobia”

Lab activities provide opportunities to involve the learners to apply their theoretical knowledge by making models, projects etc. by which they can gain confidence to express their efficiency. Application of teaching aids, modern equipment and techniques in laboratory bring special charm and grow heartfelt interest in maths and remove mathfobia.

School Auditorium:

Well furnished and nicely decorated school auditorium is really a gracious structure of KHEMS. The magical touch of modern architecture has enhanced the grandeur and gravity of the room. Different types of important events, lively fruitful activities and cultural programmes are held in this room.The school auditorium is a perfect grooming ground to the students who can enjoy a golden opportunity to exhibit their God gifted talents and nurture their inborn values.

Play Ground:

“Generating sound mind in a sound body”

The school provides sprawling, grassy play ground, giving all the students irrespective of special and normal children the same opportunities to enjoy playing together and be the part of a group. The playground is like wonderland where spontaneous outburst of extreme joy of the student’s innocent heart transform the school environment into a vibrant life line. Playing variety of outdoor games in the playground help the students to develop their physical and mental co-ordination , strength and flexibility, supporting social and emotional development at the highest level.